Centreville Moose Lodge of Fairfax Virginia

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    Honoring our Country and State
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    The Centreville Moose donates $100,000 to Mooseheart's School Renovation Project
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    Centreville Moose is Honored with the 2014 - 2015 Best Website of the Fraternity Award
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    Members attending the Bull Run #186 Moose Legion Conferral and Super Celebration
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    Tommy Moose attends Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Station 34 Oakton Unit Housing Ceremony
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    Another Tommy Moose Donation
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    The Moose volunteers at this year's Fairfax County Firefighters and Friends annual backpack drive!
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    Tommy Moose having fun with kids at the Dulles Day Plane Pull
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    Our 2014 Dulles Day Plane Pull Crew
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    Tommy Moose and Friends Help Out at the 2015 Kids Easter Egg Hunt

Welcome to the Centreville Moose Lodge of Fairfax, Virginia

Member Notice:  Our Home page is dedicated to our "Heart of the Community" service work.  For more up-to-date member information please visit our "Moose Buzz", "Moose Calendar" or "How to Use This Website" sections!


Keep up the good work!  We have sold $705.00 worth of Gimme Five Hands!

An initiative is underway by the Women of the Moose to help in the efforts of Moose International to provide funds for the "GIMME FIVE" effort. Nadine Hodges, Tina Lancing, and Luther Hodges (the artist) are making paper donation helping hands for the lodge. These custom hands are each unique in its own way. To put your name on one and put it on the wall, we are accepting donations of 5 dollars for each one. Don't be the last to get a one of a kind piece of art. You can also feel good about your donation to the "GIMME FIVE" effort that our lodge has under taken. The Centreville Lodge would like to take a leading role in Virginia for this fund raising effort. You can donate your five dollars at the Social Quarters today. If you have a custom design for your hand please let Luther Hodges know and he will make an effort to make a hand you will be proud to have hung on the wall in the lodge.

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